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Welcome to model railroading web site of  Capotreno Gio '. You could see videos and photos of model trains and model railways, discover new products, take a dip in the past in the section dedicated to the legendary Lima-Trains, a virtual tour of the most important Italian and international railway museums. You will also find practical and easy guide to build a model railway and a good catalog of the most important forum, fer club in Italy, as well as  the magazines.
Enjoy your trip on my site, you will be spoiled for choice which railroad travel with.

A greeting to all model railfans and hobbyists

I am Giovanni from Biella, Capotreno Gio' on the web; in my web site you can see my collection of model trains and my railway layouts. From an early age I played with toy trains of Lima. I mounted and unmounted circuits, I often changed them, but I've never had a model railway itself, because there was no space in my house. Then a long period during which all ended up in the cellar. A few years ago, I wanted to play with my children, I pulled out the old boxes and I rediscovered the old passion and is' reborn in me the idea to finally build a model! In August 2007, with the help of my wife we have built a model (3x2 m.) That would allow us to play together. We called it the plastic giochereccio. We bought the house and the train station, the characters, the trees, the missing rails and trains, the level crossing, in short everything that we were missing. We built the mountain with cardboard and a wooden bridge. Under trains Lima you will see this old rolling stock. Then, I took the passion and having been invited to exhibit at a county fair, in October 2008, we made a second plastic smaller (1.60 x1 mt.), Then we called it the plastic Aosta. In the meantime, I had more and more passionate locomotives and then I started to getting around markets and fairs to buy trains which were used on ebay eventually gaining possession of about 25 locomotives and 50 cars.

This idea was born as hobby.

In 2009, the turning point ... the passion and an idea: to have a model railway shop online! My wife, web designer and graphics profession, she made my site, already called Capotrenogio', and in a few months it had become one of the most popular by Italian public of fans of electric model trains, therefore, seen the difficulty we found to find the trains and the materials to build our models, she had the idea of ​​having an online store, despite all the difficulties added the Italian market and has been a successed. Now the store is managed by my wife, and I ....... I took a lot of advantages: I have all the trains that I want to play with! In fact I have passed from generation train with engine G to those with cardanic motors, especially I play with Piko trains, and I built another railway layout (began in October 2011 and finished in these weeks of August 2012) the layout Varzallo, which you will see in this site. I have a new private collection of locomotives, which you will see all photographed in front of the station of my new layout .... and with all these new trains, I also refined tastes. There 's always to improve. My passion is the same and the enthusiasm for the model railway will be with me forever, even though I realize that in the new family activity is demanding and growing. In this site, of course, in close collaboration with the site CapotrenoModels, you will see many special locomotives on the latest production. Follow us and you will be informed and updated with beautiful photos and new images.



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