Lima Memory
History and model trains catalogs of Lima SpA

An entrepreneurial heritage and a piece of history of the Made in Italy changed hands.

 In the '50s Mr. Bisazza Ottorino was the owner of the factory Lima (Italian working Metals and similar products) in Vicenza, specialized in working of ricilclated metals bombed trains, for the production of handles and doors. The engineer was able to direct the productive activity of his factory to build toys, prams, cars, boats, etc ... up to specialize in model railways, first metallic and then plastic (and here was the turning point.) Isola Vicentina soon became the land of the model trains, and his factory gave models to the delight of many Italian children for many years. In fact, the product coming out of Lima was of good quality, the prices were competitive and accessible to the mainstream population, which began to live in those years the prosperity resulting from the economic boom, and it was a success. The posh of the market, however, continued to be in the hands of Rivarossi and the German Marklin, in fact the locomotives and the wagons Lima remained consistently lower in terms of finishes and details. Even the engine was changed from the early models, from the second half of the '60s was introduced G motor at 12 volts DC. The designers of Lima planned at that time many many trains colourful and attractive, and exposed in the shops attracted the attention of young and old. In the '80s Lima came to have 400 employees and touched the tips of sales. In recent years the engines became cardanic in all locomotives, and also the level of quality was compared to Rivarossi models, but from there began a slow decline, especially for the competition of video games. In 1992, Lima was bought by Rivarossi, which at that time also incorporated the French Joeuf and the German Joeuf Arnold (specialized in N scale), companies were also in crisis. In 2000 the factory was closed and all production was moved to Isola Vicentina, already seat of Lima. The ongoing crisis in the sector, the many vicissitudes of policy management and administration, caused the final crisis of Lima, the 16.12.2004, was purchased for 8,000,000 Euros from the British company Hornby (another famous name in the sector), which moved in China all the production chain.

The Hornby markets its products in Italy with four brands purchased, the engines are almost cardanic (and many are digitized), while some of them were sold as "Lima Hobby Line" still maintain the legendary engine G.
ViTrains today in Vicenza, born from the ashes of Lima Spa continues the tradition of the railroad northeast. Some workers of the former Lima, graphics and business workers today are driving an expanding company. Company that speaks everything Italian, from design to production and distribution, and especially the high quality of attention to detail.
Acme (Anonima Construction Exact modeling), was born in Milan around 2001, dynamic company, an Italian design which has its production of its models currently in China.
Even Oskar Trains, based in Sardinia, with its trains and detailed care is gaining a big market among collectors.
Other brands are very well known in Italy by model railroader experts and beginners. We have to mention Roco and Piko, Mehano,  Liliput and Tillig. Even American brands such as Athearn, Bachmann, Model Power Mantua and have arrived on our layouts.
In the section - manufacturers - you will find links to these sites to discover, and new production.
I hope that the simple list I made, was clear and comprehensive, and I have not get bored you too much.